Best Rug Pads for Basements and Concrete Floors

Posted by Flexomeric on 8/1/2014

Rugs can add warmth and color while also protecting the concrete. Every rug needs a rug pad and a rug on a concrete floor is no exception. Concrete floors can be damp and basements can retain some humidity. It is important to use the right rug pad in such places. While there are several quality rug pads available for rugs, the only and best rug pad for concrete floors is a quality recycled jute rug pad. When shopping for a rug pad for your concrete or basement floor, be sure to notice what the rug pad is made of. There are many synthetic jute rug pads on the market and although they are good, they are not as suitable for concrete floors as a recycled rug pad. A recycled rug pad contains no plastic or rubber and is made from recycled fibers such as wool and nylon carpet fibers. The final result is a dense jute pad that is mildew and mold resistant. In addition, this helps stop moisture and water damage to the concrete. Concrete floors are very hard and the best jute rug pad not only resists dampness and mildew but it also adds the protection that your rug needs. Since the back of the rug continually rubs against the hard concrete floor when walked on, the rug pad takes the shock of this and prevents premature wear to your rug. Now, the best quality of recycled jute rug pad for concrete floors is what is called a 40 ounce weight. This refers to the amount of fibers that are needle punched and compressed together per square yard of rug pad. A 40 ounce jute rug pad is one of the highest weights available and adds to the thickness and density of the rug pad. This will add to the comfort of your rug as well as to the warmth. Be careful not to use any rug pad containing any rubber or pvc plastic as these can stick to your concrete floors, bring on mold and mildew and will need to be replaced in a short period of time. In addition, they can retain moisture and cause cracks in the concrete. Using the proper jute recycled rug pad on concrete floors will prove to last around 15 years and add the comforts, protection and safety required from a quality rug pad.

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