Bringing out the Big Dawg: In Praise of the Bosch Bulldog EXTREME Rotary Hammer

Posted by Flexomeric on 2/15/2015

Whether you’re a contractor, a concrete construction specialist, or an at home D-I-Y-er, the Bosch 1255VSR Bulldog EXTREME Rotary Hammer may be the best money you’ve ever spent.

A quick Google search confirms what we here are Flexomeric have always known, the Bulldog EXTREME is the Big Dawg on any worksite. What other rotary hammer can boast 36 separate locking bit positions? No matter the angle of attack, the Bulldog EXTREME can handle it. Folks praise its speed and accuracy as a drill, how it alleviates the need for body pressure while drilling through concrete, even when defying gravity to drill into a ceiling.

The chisel bit turns this powerhouse rotary hammer into a chipping machine of tremendous power and ease-of-use: outdoors on sidewalks, patios, or driveways or indoors on everything from poured concrete flooring, to cinder blocks, to ceramic tile. Imagine how easy a shower remodel could be if what took hours with an old-fashioned chisel and hammer now takes only minutes? That is just part of why we love the Bosch Bulldog EXTREME.

Sinking anchors is of course, easy with the Bulldog, but so too, is removing them. One online review said the Bulldog cuts through concrete “like a hot knife through butter.” The rotary hammer has three speeds, and the trigger allows for dual speed forward and reverse rotation with the press of a button.

Spring construction season will be here before you know it. Why not start this year out ready to take on the toughest concrete projects? You’ll be ready for anything with the Bosch 1255VSR Bulldog EXTREME Rotary Hammer.

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