Carbon Fiber Staples - Pack of 5
Carbon Fiber Staples - Pack of 5

Carbon Fiber Staples - Pack of 5

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Carbon Fiber Staples

There are six ways a basement wall generally moves: 1) Inward movement due to lateral forces from soil pressure; 2) Outward movement due to soil shrinkage caused by soil drying out in the summer months; 3) Opening or widening of a crack due to thermal changes, for example, freezing, thawing, or wet and dry conditions in soil; 4) Closing of a crack due to thermal changes; 5) Shear due to uneven loading of the structure; and 6) Slight sinking of the footing.

Carbon fiber staples address all six movements. It is important to understand how the carbon fiber staples work to create the best and most permanent crack repair possible.  As concrete attempts to move, the load transfers to the carbon fiber staple and is distributed throughout the staple. The strength of the staple stops the movement and reinforces the damaged area.

For vertical cracks, the staples are installed perpendicular to the crack.  As pressure pushes on the wall, tension pulls the staples and the load is transferred to the carbon fiber. For horizontal cracking, the staples are also placed perpendicular to the crack. Horizontal cracks are also a sign of shear movement.  Shear movement is addressed by installing staples in a cross hatch or X pattern across the crack. This "X" pattern will arrest walls and prevent cracking in both shear and inward movement. 

Includes: 5 Staples

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