Essential Tools for Concrete Repair

Posted by Flexomeric on 1/14/2015

Whether you're fixing a walkway, patio, foundation, basement or steps, concrete repair techniques are essentially the same.  At Flexomeric, we carry most of the tools as well as our exclusive bonding agent required for small concrete repair jobs.

Tools and Materials

The basic materials that you'll need for most jobs are patching mortar and liquid bonding agent, which helps the new patch stick to the old concrete. You'll have to mix the mortar with water as directed. You can use an epoxy or latex patching compound, such as flexomeric, instead of patching mortar for small jobs. These compounds form a stronger bond, do not require a bonding agent and are self-curing. But they are expensive for large jobs.

A flat and a pointed trowel are the essential tools. You may also need a light sledgehammer and cold chisel to remove old loose concrete if a larger job. To protect yourself, wear safety goggles, heavy-duty work gloves and a dust mask.  A caulking or flexomeric cartridge gun, X-Acto or Hobby knife, even a hammer drill may be required based on the job at hand.

Filling Cracks

Clean out the crack with a wire brush, apply flexomeric and smooth it with a putty knife.  For most small crack repair jobs, Flexomeric is the perfect application for usage.  If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us, or call our excellent customer service team at Toll Free: 1-855-236-5566

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