Injection Port Caps
Plastic caps to cap injection ports. Bag of 500 pcs.

Injection Port Caps

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  • FlexCaps are sold in bags of 500 pcs.
Looking for the highest quality concrete crack repair products? Proven resins and sealants, with an easy to use delivery system? For over 25 years, Flexomeric has been the industry leader by manufacturing the most innovative crack repair materials and techniques, and delivering those superior products, and that experience to our customers at extremely affordable prices.

For our commercial clients, we always carry all of the accessories and crack repair supplies, like our injection molded plastic injection port caps. Each Flexcap package contains 500 caps, which are used to prevent the injected resin from draining before it has finished curing. If you have any questions on any of our concrete repair products, we always look forward to your call, toll-free, at 855-236-5566.

FlexCap is a plastic cap that fits snuggly over the injection port and seals off the port to prevent the injected resin from draining before it has cured. FlexCap can be removed after resin has completely cured in the crack to allow subsequent injection of the port if necessary.



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