DIY FLEXKIT-200 Crack Repair Kit - Hairline to 1/16" Wide Cracks
From hairline to 1/16" wide concrete cracks
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DIY FLEXKIT-200 Crack Repair Kit - Hairline to 1/16" Wide Cracks

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  • Low Pressure Injection Method
  • Hairline to 1/6" Cracks
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Hairline concrete cracks are tricky types of cracks that require a low viscosity resin to penetrate the entire length of the crack fully. Our hairline DIY foundation crack repair kit offers the same professional materials that contractors use but made easy for any homeowner to use.

When the concrete in your home develops a crack, it can be quite expensive to hire a professional to rectify the problem. Thankfully with FlexKit -200 Do it Yourself Kit, you can quickly seal cracks with simplicity and ease. The process involves the incorporation of high-grade injection resins which are fed into dry or wet foundation basement cracks.

DIY FLEXKIT-200 Crack Repair Kit can be injected into an actively leaking or dry foundation wall crack as it chemically reacts with water and bond to concrete to form a water-tight, flexible gasket through the entire wall thickness, eliminating any future leaks, guaranteed. The kit offers customers with industry grade injection resins which have been simplified for use to make them more accessible to DIY enthusiasts. With this kit, you can easily repair 8' long, hairline concrete foundation crack that has up to 8" thick wall.

More Information

This kit includes everything you would need to repair a poured concrete foundation crack of approximately:

  • Hairline to 1/16" width crack
  • 8' length and 8" thick foundation wall
  • Additional FLEXTUBE-210 resin is available as an add-on for larger size cracks.

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Electrical Professor

By:  from Ontario. on 6/26/2019
This is the first review I have ever responded to, However I thought this product deserved honourable mention. I repaired a leaking hair line crack from the bottom of my basement window to floor. I installed as per directions and no leaks thus far. Only been a month . I did a lot of research before going with this product and fully satisfied. Most web site and products I looked at were US but this is CANADIAN with no exchange rate or duties to pay. I like buying Canadian whenever possible. I ordered directly from Company rather then Amazon. This saved a couple of dollars.Product arrived in less than a week. One important test I did was to plug all ports with the exception of the top injection port and inject water into crack using a spray bottle. This allowed me to check for leaks through epoxy over the cracks and injection ports. below. Yes , there was a small leak which I easily repaired using more epoxy of the area. Take your time injecting sealing liquid from cartridge. Applying to much pressure will cause cartridge to leak. Good Luck!
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By:  from Edmonton . on 5/9/2020
Great kit.Worked really well. I had a very small hairline crack about 6 ft long and had no problem injecting product into crack.
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homeowner/retired contractor

By:  from niles, il USA. on 9/12/2019
very pleased with kit. however if tubing was a little tighter fit over ports it would be better. maybe scrap the tubing and design a connector that allows for less leakage between ports and tube of sealant.
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By:  from Dayton, OH. on 2/8/2019
Product worked well, definitely use a drop cloth though because a good application requires a lot of product forced out the holes. Take your time and make sure you have the surface covered well, the product is thin like water, which is good for hairline crack penetration but will definitely find any small holes in your surface coating. Stopped a stubborn foundation leak at my house, and had 1/2 the product left over on a hairline crack about 6' high. Would definitely buy again. Would like to buy more injection ports, but shipping from Canada is so expensive it would almost be cheaper to buy a whole new kit to get free shipping than pay the $15 for injection ports + $25 shipping.
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By:  from Port Coquitlam, BC. on 1/4/2019
Best stuff ever! The wall resin is so strong and adheres to cement like nothing I've ever seen before! The resin is very watery so it flows into the crack nicely and expands so well I can see it sealing the outside as well! Only down side are the caps for the T's. I used another system that used covers instead of inserts and they were way easier to do quickly - and with the great flowing resin here I ended up with a lot on my drop cloth. Wonderful compounds! Please get this into stores!!
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Owner - Hillcrest Builders

By:  from Connecticut. on 11/14/2018
Before finishing a basement I bought it to fix cracks that periodically would leak badly after heavy rain . Good system. Worked as shown in the video. The liquid repair caulk does get everywhere, so be prepared to wear the supplied gloves . I bought an extra tube and extra ports to be sure I would have enough and used all of it. Confident this will never leak again
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