DIY FLEXKIT-200 Crack Repair Kit - Hairline to 1/16" Wide Cracks
From hairline to 1/16" wide concrete cracks
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DIY FLEXKIT-200 Crack Repair Kit - Hairline to 1/16" Wide Cracks

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  • Low Pressure Injection Method
  • Hairline to 1/6" Cracks
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Hairline concrete cracks are tricky types of cracks that require a low viscosity resin to penetrate the entire length of the crack fully. Our hairline DIY foundation crack repair kit offers the same professional materials that contractors use but made easy for any homeowner to use.

When the concrete in your home develops a crack, it can be quite expensive to hire a professional to rectify the problem. Thankfully with FlexKit -200 Do it Yourself Kit, you can quickly seal cracks with simplicity and ease. The process involves the incorporation of high-grade injection resins which are fed into dry or wet foundation basement cracks.

DIY FLEXKIT-200 Crack Repair Kit can be injected into an actively leaking or dry foundation wall crack as it chemically reacts with water and bond to concrete to form a water-tight, flexible gasket through the entire wall thickness, eliminating any future leaks, guaranteed. The kit offers customers with industry grade injection resins which have been simplified for use to make them more accessible to DIY enthusiasts. With this kit, you can easily repair 8' long, hairline concrete foundation crack that has up to 8" thick wall.

More Information

This kit includes everything you would need to repair a poured concrete foundation crack of approximately:

  • Hairline to 1/16" width crack
  • 8' length and 8" thick foundation wall
  • Additional FLEXTUBE-210 resin is available as an add-on for larger size cracks.

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Instructions are clear and easy to follow.

By:  from Delivery is very fast and support always available. on 10/20/2018
Great product and excellent services. It worked as advertised and expected.Delivery is very fast and support always available. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. Make sure you watch the YouTube video before start. Be patient and inject slowly. A lot cheapet and better than getting it done by contractors. No drilling and damage to the concrete wall.

Great DIY repair kit

By: (Verified Buyer)  from Waterloo, ON. on 4/1/2018
Quick delivery, I received the order the next day. The instructions are easy , if you follow them, you should not have big issues. However, the polyurethane in this kit has very low viscosity, the gloves can be slippery if you get resin on them and putting the caps on the ports after injection can be tricky. I mentioned this to the technical support team which is very helpful and friendly. I also used the FLEXKIT-100 kit as my cracks are wider at the top of the foundation, the polyurethane in that kit is more viscous and it is easier to work with. So far, I haven't seen any leak after 2 heavy rains. I likely saved several hundreds of dollars!


By:  from Oshawa, ON. on 3/30/2018
It works! I first tried this product acouple of years ago to seal our 4th and 5th cracks in our foundation. The first 3 were done professionally for about $1000 several years before that. Too expensive and lots of drilling, etc. The Flexomeric proved to be a cheaper and easier solution. We've left our first 'Flexomeric' exposed for 2 years now and no more water intrusion (at those locations). Now, 2 years later we've sealed our 6th and 7th cracks. Keeping our fingers crossed the product continues to perform. Keep in mind it can be messy to work, but that isn't likely a concern when water is leaking into your basement. They seem to have changed the caps used for the injection ports as they were too tight to fit this time. Had to use pliers to expand them to fit properly over the injection ports. Worked fine after that. Otherwise, I heartily recommend this product!


By:  from Orillia, Ontario. on 3/21/2018
Product worked as advertised, very impressed. Followed the instructions exactly and it sealed a 1/8 th gap in an 8 inch thick wall from top to bottom Thanks again

Too early to rate

By:  from Ottawa. on 3/9/2018
I was impressed how quickly my order was filled and delivered. Granted I live in Ottawa and the item was shipped from Montreal, however, it came within 24 hours. Customer Service is very good, the wrong instructions were included in my order, one call to customer service and they emailed me the missing instructions within minutes. I just completed the repairs on my basement wall so can't give a review on how well the product works until we get rain. I can say the product is very easy to use. I'll report back after a few heavy rains to finish my review.


By:  from Cincinnati. on 3/5/2018
The hairline crack repair product did seal the crack, but the tube containing the product leaked the product out the back, and the short hose provided to connect between the tube and the injection port was too big for the injection port, so a lot of the product leaked between the hose and the injection port.



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