Flexomeric Flexport - Drill
12 Flexport Drill Ports with Caps

Flexomeric Flexport - Drill

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  • Includes: 12 Injection Drill Ports with Caps
Flexomeric Flexport-Drill injection ports are used for injecting Flexomeric resins into a 1/2" diameter pre-drilled hole in a concrete crack. Flexomeric Flexport-Drill ports are commonly used when the surface of the crack is too irregular to allow the use of a surface mounted port (Flexport-Flat or Flexport-Corner), or when a hole must be drilled to penetrate below contaminates that might prevent penetration of resins from a surface mounted port. 

Using the Flexomeric Injection Port Inserter, the Flexport-Drill port is inserted into it's pre-drilled hole so tightly that no adhesive paste is needed to secure it. Simply insert Flexport-Drill port tip into the injection port inserter, position port head into the 1/2" pre-drilled hole in the crack and with a hammer, tap back of inserter until the port is sturdy and tight in the crack. The Flexport-Drill ports withstands injection pressures of 900 psi. which is why it is frequently used to inject polyurethane resins in a 1/2" diameter hole. 

Flexomeric Flexport-Drill ports are not included in the Do It Yourself Flexomeric Crack Repair Kit; however, they can be used in place of the Flexomeric Flexport-Flat ports when a surface is too irregular for the Flexomeric Flexport-Flat ports. 

Also available in a Bag of 250 (caps sold separately) for only $98.50.



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