Flexomeric Flexport - Drill
12 Flexport Drill Ports with Caps
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Flexomeric Flexport - Drill

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  • Includes: 12 Injection Drill Ports with Caps
Flexomeric Flexport-Drill injection ports are used for injecting Flexomeric resins into a 1/2" diameter pre-drilled hole in a concrete crack. Flexomeric Flexport-Drill ports are commonly used when the surface of the crack is too irregular to allow the use of a surface mounted port (Flexport-Flat or Flexport-Corner), or when a hole must be drilled to penetrate below contaminates that might prevent penetration of resins from a surface mounted port. 

Using the Flexomeric Injection Port Inserter, the Flexport-Drill port is inserted into it's pre-drilled hole so tightly that no adhesive paste is needed to secure it. Simply insert Flexport-Drill port tip into the injection port inserter, position port head into the 1/2" pre-drilled hole in the crack and with a hammer, tap back of inserter until the port is sturdy and tight in the crack. The Flexport-Drill ports withstands injection pressures of 900 psi. which is why it is frequently used to inject polyurethane resins in a 1/2" diameter hole. 

Flexomeric Flexport-Drill ports are not included in the Do It Yourself Flexomeric Crack Repair Kit; however, they can be used in place of the Flexomeric Flexport-Flat ports when a surface is too irregular for the Flexomeric Flexport-Flat ports. 

Also available in a Bag of 250 (caps sold separately) for only $98.50.


By:  from Lorraine. on 2/17/2021
Product works great as long as you use the correct drill bit with an sds drill. make sure you clean the holes as any debris left in will clog after. these items are very nice as they allow the filling liquid to go deeply into the cracks. ( vs filling on the surface of the crack)
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