Hand Operated Injection Gun - Single Cartridge
Hand Operated Single Cartridge Injection Gun

Hand Operated Injection Gun - Single Cartridge

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Hand Operated Single Cartridge Injection Gun

Flexomeric is your one-stop shop for do-it-yourself crack repair and waterproofing kits. Over a 25-plus-year span, Flexomeric has helped thousands of DIYers and contractors repair leaks and cracks easily, inexpensively, and, most importantly, effectively. The manufacturer of our own products, we have always been committed to providing the world with top-notch customer service to include technical support, fast delivery, low prices, and products that work.
When the time comes to repair cracks and leaks, you will need the right tools for the job. This hand operated, single cartridge injection gun is just what you need if you are working with 10.3 oz. cartridges. Featuring a ratchet-style rod, this gun takes the guess work out of injection work. If you can pull a trigger, you can master this injection gun.   
Ordering from Flexomeric is always fast, simple, and completely safe. All you have got to do to get started is enter the quantity you want in the box below and then click on the orange Add to Cart button. Or, if you d prefer to speak with a crack-repair specialist, just give us a call at 1-855-236-5566. We are waiting to assist you. 

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