Looking at Basement Foundation Waterproofing

Posted by Rima on 12/28/2013
Making sure that your basement is fully waterproofed is necessary to maintain it and avoid damage. This is especially important if your basement is finished because water leaks can destroy your walls and floors, and even your furniture. You want to avoid moisture and keep everything dry and in great shape to avoid paying more in the long run.

Look at Your Perimeter
Take a walk around the entire perimeter of your home and make sure that the ground is sloping away from it. This will ensure proper drainage so that water is not able to accumulate and increase the risk of leaking and water damage. If you notice any areas that are sloping toward the perimeter, taking dirt and fill these areas in to create an incline that forces water to run off away from your home.

Seal All Cracks
If you see a crack, it must be immediately addressed to prevent leaking and to stop the crack from getting worse. Products like Flexomeric can quickly seal the crack and ensure that it does not recur. These products are easy to use and you will be able to seal the crack quickly and effectively by simply following the directions.

Check Your Downspouts
Downspouts should be at minimum, a few feet away from your home. This will ensure that the water is running away from your home so that it is not able to collect at the foundation and cause problems. If you notice any leaking with your downspouts, you want to correct this right away.

Look at Your Plants
There should be a foot of space between plants and the foundation of your home. If plants are too close this can lead to water accumulating at the base of your home and over time this can lead to rotting and water damage. Place plants 12 inches away and makes sure that they are on a slope that slopes down and away from your home so that water is directed away from the foundation.     

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