Santa Fe Classic Muffler Kit
Santa Fe Classic Muffler Kit

Santa Fe Classic Muffler Kit

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Santa Fe Classic Muffler Kit

Though the Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier is designed to be quiet, sometimes additional noise reduction is required for extremely noise-sensitive environments, such as near workstations, phone banks, home theaters, etc. This optional muffler kit drastically reduces the sound emitted by the dehumidifier by muffling the supply (exhaust) air outlet.

The muffler kit can be used with the condensate pump kit (if used together, the pump cannot be mounted to the unit). The kit comes with everything you need to attach the muffler to the unit, including screws, washers, and installation instructions.

Note: Muffler is not compatible nor needed if the unit’s exhaust is ducted. This item is not compatible with the Santa Fe Advance or Santa Fe HC Crawlspace units.

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