Santa Fe Duct Kit - Impact105 / Impact155
Supply Duct Kit for Santa Fe Impact XT & Max Dry XT Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Duct Kit - Impact105 / Impact155

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Supply Kit, (2) 10" Collars
Return Kit, (1) 12" Collar and Plenum (+$40.00)
The optional duct kit allows the dehumidifier to be placed in remote and tight locations such as attics, closets, mechanical rooms, and garages (where most conventional dehumidifiers may not fit or be capable of operating) in order to control the relative humidity in another living space in the home. For example, some crawlspaces are easily flooded and the dehumidifier may need to be elevated in the garage and then ducted to the crawlspace (this application requires remote dehumidistat).


Optional duct kits for Santa Fe Impact XT and Max Dry XT.


(2) 10" collars for 2 exhaust ports on unit
(1) Plate if you desire to duct just one side

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