Summer Home Maintenance Tips and Advice

Posted by Rima on 1/24/2014
When the weather gets warmer, it is time to start thinking about your home and the things you can do to improve and maintain its integrity.  There are several things you can do over a weekend that will keep your home maintained and keep it sound and strong for years to come.  These are things that can be done to any home regardless of age.
Clean the Vent for Your Dryer
Dryer vents that are not well-maintained are a major fire hazard.  In fact, this is a source of about 16,000 house fires in the United States each year.  You simply need a vent-cleaning kit so that you can easily get into the tubing and clean everything out.  You want to clear the lint trap and then thoroughly clean the duct and the outside area of the vent.
Clean Out the Gutters
This is not the most fun job, but it is necessary because lots of things build up in your gutters throughout the fall, winter and spring months.  If you are not steady on a ladder you may want to have a professional come in and clean the gutters to ensure safety.  To properly clean, you will take your hands and pull out all of the debris and then follow up with your garden hose to get things like caked on mud and sticky leaves out of the gutters.
Do Some Deck Maintenance
Your deck is somewhere you can spend a lot of time during the warm weather so you want to make sure that it is safe and in good shape.  When the summer starts, look for things like damaged boards and rotting wood.  You should look at the underside of the deck, the main floor and all railings and stairs.  You can sand the deck and then reseal it so that it is ready for a full summer of outdoor fun. 

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