You’ve Repaired Your Concrete Floor. Now What? Cement Stain!

Posted by Timothy on 5/24/2014

So you have finally repaired your cracked, leaky concrete floor. And, now you are wondering what to do with it. Carpet, vinyl flooring, hardwood, tile?


How about cement staining? It is easy enough for any home owner to do, lasts forever, and is beautiful.

Using Flexomeric to Repair Cracks in Concrete Basement Floors

Posted by Timothy on 5/12/2014
As a home ages, many basement floors will exhibit small cracks in the foundation and possibly walls.  This is a small problem at first, but if left unchecked may lead to serious basement flooding which will become more difficult to repair. 

Tips to Maintain your Driveway

Posted by Ashwin on 5/6/2014
The concrete driveway in your home needs regular maintenance depending upon the local conditions and how often you use it. Typically it would be ideal to give a pressure machine wash once every two months to remove any stubborn stains or discoloration. Here are simple maintenance tips to help preserve your driveway.