Injection Guns

Injection Guns

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For every job, there is a perfect tool, and if that job happens to involve repairing cracked concrete, then Flexomeric has the tool you need. With over a quarter-century of experience engineering the most effective single and dual part resins in the industry, we know how to fill and waterproof virtually any size crack in any concrete surface in your home. Our single cartridge injection gun is a sturdy basic model for one part resins like the ones contained in the FLEXTUBE-110 cartridge, and the FLEXKIT-100 Do It Yourself Crack Repair Kit. Easy to use, easy to clean and re-use.

The Hand Operated Dual Cartridge Injection Gun is ideal for any of our two-part resins, with three case-hardened steel push rods and follower plates guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free application. All of the affordable concrete repair products we offer come with free phone or online tech support because Flexomeric's goal is to see every customer's concrete problem handled successfully every time.

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Single Cartridge Injection Gun
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41009 Barnet - 34oz. Manual Cartridge Applicator
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Hand Operated Dual Cartridge Injection Gun - 300/300 ml or 300/150 ml
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Hand Operated Dual Cartridge Injection Gun - 300 ml x 300 ml