Crack Repair Kit Procedures

Quick and easy procedure:

  1. Clean area to be repaired from loose concrete, paint, oil, dirt and other debris and make sure that it’s dry.
  2. Glue injection port along the crack.
  3. Plug the surface of the crack with the adhesive to act as a wall barrier.
  4. Allow adhesive to cure completely before continuing the injection process (approx. 10 minutes)
  5. Flush crack by injecting water into top injection ports allowing water to drain from the lower ports, ensuring a clear and wet path in the crack.
  6. Starting from the bottom port, inject Flexomeric Crack Injection Resin until the resin flows out from the second last port.
  7. Cap the current injection port and continue injecting through the next port up.
  8. Once crack in completely filled, let cure (approx. 24 hours) and remove injection ports and sealing cement (adhesive once cured) if you wish.

More detailed instructions are included in the files and video below.

Instruction sheets:

Video: New

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