What is the difference between the DIY kits and the contractor kits?

The DIY kits include single-component resins and the contractor kits include the dual-component resins. All foundation kits use the same low-pressure injection method.

single component resin

Single Component Resins

The single-component resin uses water or moisture to react and expand.

  • Easier to manage time in between injections from one port onto another, or from one crack onto another.
  • Uses a standard caulking (injection) gun.
Keep in mind:

The setting time will depend on the speed of the reaction, which depends on how much water is present. In the case where a very fast setting is required, the dual-component resin is recommended.

dual component resin

Dual-Component Resins

The dual-component resin reacts at the point of injection as the two parts mix at a 1:1 ratio within the mixing nozzle. No water or moisture is required for reaction.

  • Quick reaction which reduces the potential loss of resin.
  • Faster set time.
Keep in mind:

Due to the instant reaction when using a dual-component resin, there is a shorter time for the resin to rest inside the nozzle when moving from one port onto another, or from one crack onto another before the material starts to set. Once the material sets inside the nozzle, a new one is needed to continue the injection. In addition, the dual-component tube requires a dual-component injection gun.

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