How to Start a Waterproofing Business

June 17th 2018
By Flexomeric


Starting a waterproofing business in 2018 can be an exceptionally reliable and profitable venture.

  • There is no shortage of clients
  • The cost of entry is extremely low (around $500)
  • Margins are high

We will teach you how to advertise, what the going market rates are, and what you will be taking home at the end of the day.

Homeowners cannot ignore basement damage. If flooding or water damage occurs due to rain or a crack in the concrete foundation, mold will begin to form. This can seriously hurt the valuation of a property and cause severe health problems for residents. Homeowners will quickly respond to these problems by doing a search on Google or local classified listings and calling a basement waterproofing contractor.

The good news is that this type of business does not require a ton of knowledge. You just need to be handy with basic tools. You are not going to be investing a significant amount of money to start with, as long as you already own a car or truck. The materials and tools needed to start your business can cost as little as $500.

As a supplier of waterproofing contractors, we can tell you that this industry is recession-proof and has been continuously growing for the past 25 years. Every year we supply an increasing number of contractors, with no drop in sight.

For most people, their home is their most significant investment. Waterproofing is an essential service offered by professionals to help the average person save their home. Here is how you can quickly start your own basement waterproofing contractor business. We have designed this guide to bring you from 0 to 100.

Typical starting waterproofing supplies
Typical starting waterproofing supplies.

Step 1

Working Alone:

The great benefit of this industry is that you can do most jobs alone. If you're finding yourself overwhelmed, it is easy to scale and bring another person, even temporarily.

With A Partner:

Waterproofing jobs are much more comfortable and efficient when work is done with a helping hand, so you can find a partner or buddy to work with. This person could be a family member, friend, or general business partner.

In both cases, make sure that everyone understands the nature of being an entrepreneur, especially the hardships and frustrations that can come with it. While margins are excellent, cash flow may take time.

Waterproofing business partner
Find someone who can bring value.

Step 2

It’s time to get your first job. Most businesses just flat out fail because nobody knows that they exist. Be willing to get out there and shake some hands. That alone will get you a long way. There are also lots of easy and inexpensive ways to advertise yourself.

If you have a company name and logo designed, make sure that it is clean, professional, and presentable. If you come off as well established and polished, clients will have fewer reservations about choosing you for the job.

Here are some excellent examples of logos that are attractive and convey an established and skillful look:

Example of a waterproofing logo Example of a waterproofing logo

If you’re not confident in your design skills or aren’t willing to pay an arm and a leg for a logo and branding from a design firm, our contractors benefit from our low-cost design services.

Next, you’re going to need a way for people to find you on Google. It's easy to set up your website using a service like Squarespace or free services such as Wix and Blogger. You need a site that is professional and easy to understand. Wary clients will not trust a company that cannot present itself well. Since your success is our success, our contractors can also benefit from a simple and professional-looking website from our design team.

Now it’s time to put yourself out there. Make sure that your Google listing is complete and appears when homeowners search locally. You can then easily print out some fliers to distribute in your local or target neighborhood. You can gain lots of visibility on local classifieds like Kijiji or Craigslist since lots of homeowners are looking for a good deal there. Remember to keep it simple, but keep it going day after day. Reach out, and people will find you.

Step 3

Start simple with an essential service that lots of homeowners need. Most homes have poured concrete foundations, which eventually crack due to foundation settlement and outside pressure. This is especially common in areas that have a winter and summer cycle.

Here is what a typical concrete foundation crack repair job would look like:

An ordinary foundation crack can be repaired in about an hour or two, which will use one Flexomeric resin, a few injection ports, and hydraulic cement at a total cost of around $50. The cost of such a job to the homeowner will be $400-$600 per crack. Often there is more than one crack present, so a typical job made up of several cracks can quickly bring in several thousand in a few hours.

Unlike epoxy, our products are polyurethane-based and will form a flexible seal that you can warranty above your local industry standards. A typical concrete crack repair job done with Flexomeric resins can be warrantied for life and is transferable even after the sale of the house (which increases property value).

Concrete crack injection process
Concrete crack injection is simple yet lucrative.

Due to our quick crack repair method, you will be able to complete several jobs in a day with a little practice and can then start adding on more tasks such as bowed wall repair with carbon fiber straps, sump pump installation, and basement or crawl-space dehumidifier installation. All of which have high-profit margins and can be done simultaneously by a partner or another employee.

Service Provided Aprox. Cost of Materials Aprox. Revenue
Concrete Crack Repair $50 $400-$600
Sump Pump Installation $200 $900-$1300
Bowed Wall Repair $550 $2500-$3500
Dehumidifier Installation $2000 $2500-$3500

Another great benefit is the ability to work during winter and without heavy equipment where applicable. Our system is designed to be injected from the interior of a home, which cuts the need for digging the outside foundation. This saves a significant amount of money and can be done all year round.

Step 4

Be presentable. First impressions matter. Even if you work in dirt and basements all day, your chances of landing a job are higher when you look like you can play the part. Always have a clean outfit that you can switch into. A fresh pair of pants and shoes goes a long way in terms of professionalism. Present yourself well, and you will be a welcomed guest.

Contractors working
Always leave a positive impression.

Step 5

Once the ball gets rolling, you will start benefitting from the best part of this industry: word of mouth referrals. Everyone in the neighborhood has a basement, and word travels fast. If you do excellent work, present yourself professionally, and offer competitive rates, you will see an increase in clients due to honest reviews alone.

You also receive help from working with other local service providers such as real estate agents or home inspectors. It can be easy to refer each other business and support a great lasting relationship. For example, job referrals can come quickly from real estate agents with a client who needs to finish his basement soon before selling.

Another great benefit to starting your own waterproofing business is that you will be building an investment. Unlike other professions such as dentists, doctors, or lawyers, your business can be resold and is worth a significant amount of capital on its own. Your business is also entirely scalable, and you can work part-time when starting out.

Business partners shaking hands
Create relationships with other service providers.

Contractor Supplies

We've put together a starting kit that contains everything you need for your first 12 concrete repair jobs.

  • Variety case of resins
  • No markup — our lowest possible cost
  • Injection ports & supplies
  • Heavy-duty handmade injection gun
  • Free shipping
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Contractor Branding

Stand out from the crowd and make sure to leave an impression with our custom branding service.

  • Custom contractor logo
  • Professional website
  • Private product labeling
  • Google local listing
  • Promotional pamphlets
Get Started With Branding

Benefits of being a Flexomeric Contractor

If you're thinking of starting a waterproofing contractor business, we have the supplies for you. Let us help you get started on the right foot.

  • Completely free, and 24/7 support
  • Easy to use website that works on devices of all sizes (phones to desktops)
  • View online order history and track schedule of recent purchases. Easy to re-order previous purchase
  • Instant access to your contractor pricing and the ability to purchase online 24/7
  • We package and ship all your items from one location, saving you thousands on shipping
  • On-site training and support available
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