Santa Fe Sentry
Santa Fe Sentry

Santa Fe Sentry

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Awareness is the first step in preventing problems in a crawl space. Get real time data about water, humidity, and temperature in a crawl space with the Santa Fe Sentry. An easy to install monitor is placed in the crawl space and connects to the Internet. Retrieve real time data from the cloud with the App. Connect to your entire customer base and get notifications and alerts if there is ever a problem. Be the first to know if there is a problem so you can take immediate action.

Features include:

Easy to Install
Connect the monitor to the internet and then install it in the crawlspace. Data is transferred to the cloud and can be viewed on one App. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Monitor to Prevent Problems
High humidity in a crawl space can lead to big problems. Monitor the space for water, humidity, and temperature and get notifications and alerts if there is a problem.

Connect Your Entire Customer Base
Whether you’re monitoring one home or 100, you can connect your entire customer base. Easily retrieve customer specific data at the push of a button.

Interactive Graphs
Interactive graphs create a report dashboard for each site. Want to show the homeowner how well their home is protected? There’s a graph for that.

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