Basement Waterproofing

Posted by Flexomeric on 10/7/2014
A leaky basement can arise from any number of things, which is why you may want to investigate a little bit before calling in the pros. Leaks can arise from HVAC systems, ventilation systems, condensation from pipes, sump pumps, and of course, seepage from walls, ceilings, and foundations. However, it is estimated that over 90% of all basement leaks stem from the joint where the wall and floor meet.
The primary method of keeping basements waterproof is to apply Flexomeric and a waterproofing paint coating to the problem areas. Especially in cases where only minor seepage occurs, Flexomeric and waterproofing paint should do the trick. However, sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether the leak is caused from seeping into the foundation or if it’s due from condensation on the walls. A quick and easy way to make sure is to duct tape a piece of tin foil to the area presumed to be leaking (dry up any residue water that may be there first). After taping all sides of the tin foil, leave it in place for 24 hours before examining it. If the side of the foil that was against the wall is wet, then the water is leaking in from the outside. If the other side is wet, the problem is condensation. In cases of condensation, a possible solution could be to buy a dehumidifier and let it run continuously in the basement to remove water from the air.
In some cases, the problem can be fixed quite easily and may not require any professional assistance. For instance, puddles can form more easily near the soil against basement walls if you have clogged gutters or dense shrubbery surrounding the outside of the basement walls. Therefore, the solution could be as easy as cleaning out the gutters (or getting your kids to), buying a splash block to carry water away from the house, or trimming a particular bush so that the soil against the house can get more sunlight and absorb water more easily.  If the water is coming from small cracks and fissures in the concrete, Flexomeric can work wonders in repairing and waterproofing your basement.

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