Build a Patio

Posted by Jennifer on 6/4/2014

A patio is a good place to have picnics, barbecues and to entertain family and friends.  As days grow longer and nights grow warmer, the time to build your own backyard patio is now.

In order to make a quality concrete patio, there are several steps you need to take.

Pick the spot for your patio and decide its size and dimensions and determine the intended weight capacity of your patio.  Choose your site carefully in a spot that is well drained and slopes away from the house, and you should take the sun, wind and shade into consideration.  Ensure the designated area is clear of all debris including grass, rocks, concrete, trees and shrubs.

Prepare your subgrade and sub-base, the material in which your cement will rest.  Make sure your subgrade is properly compacted and stabilized; your concrete is only as strong as your subgrade and if your subgrade shifts, craters, or otherwise moves, the integrity of your concrete is going to be compromised.

Prepare your form, the wooden perimeter built around the pouring site.  Consider using wire mesh or rebar to your form to provide additional stability.

Use a concrete mixer to mix the cement, using as little water as possible.  Too much water will weaken the constitution of the final product.  Pour the concrete into the mold and spread the top of the concrete to a smooth surface.  Float the surface (use a bull float and a hand float) to compact the concrete.    Make periodic joints in the concrete to help prevent cracking.

Create traction using a push broom or stamping, if you prefer but don’t make the grooves too deep to allow standing water, which will compromise the integrity of the concrete.

Finally, you will need to cure and seal the cement.  Keep in mind that one true adage about cement is that it will crack.  When cracks do occur, use Flexomeric Crack Repair products to repair them.

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