Don't Break Your Mother's Back

Posted by Flexomeric on 2/6/2015

You’ve probably heard the old rhyme If You Step on the Crack, You’ll Break Your Mother’s back or Step on a Line and Break Your Mother’s Spine, or some version of it.

Stepping on cracks has long been subject to superstition. In addition to the danger of breaking your mother’s back there are several other superstitions like if you step on a crack, you will have bad luck or that you will not get a surprise at home that you otherwise would have.

Whether you’re superstitious or not, you know that cracks are unsightly, and they can be dangerous.  Cement cracks.  That is a certain and unavoidable fact.  As you go from your car to your front door, take a good, hard look at your walkway.  Is it time for some repairs?  If you hire a handyman or contractor, it can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars to have the repairs done for you.

Fortunately for you, the wonderful world of Flexomeric Crack Repair Products gives you the Do It Yourself option that makes it easy and affordable to repair the cracks – big or small – in your concrete at a fraction of the cost of having the repairs done professionally.

Repairs to your pavement can keep weeds from growing through, prevent tripping and give your home more curbside appeal.

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