How Water Damages a Home

Posted by Rima on 2/1/2014
Water is a major enemy when it comes to a home and it can have detrimental effects.  Many of these effects are not readily apparent so you need to know what you are looking for.  You want to know what causes water damage and how this damage can affect the integrity of your home.
What Are the Causes of Water Damage?
Many things can cause water damage, but there are three primary things that result in it and these include:
·      Appliances: Certain appliances can start to leak over time and this can result in damage. Common appliances that can spring a leak include air conditioners, dishwashers, freezers, dryers and washing machines and refrigerators.
·      Poor plumbing: If your plumbing is older, there is always a risk that a pipe could burst or sealing could fail.
·      Natural disasters: Severe weather, such as floods, hurricanes and heavy rain, can lead to water damage because it results in water building up around, or within, the structure of the building.
What Are the Effects of Water Damage?
Water damage can affect your home, as well as your health.  You want to know what type of damage can occur so that you can look for it.  You want to inspect for water damage at least once a year and any time that water comes into contact with your home through one of the common causes of water damage.  The types of water damage include:
·      Mold: This is probably the biggest concern because it can have serious effects on your home and your health.  Things like asthma, rashes, pneumonia, allergies, sinus infections and skin infections can result from mold.
·      Property damage: Water can damage all types of materials, such as wood, cement and metal, when they are exposed to water.

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