Increase Your Home’s Value With Concrete Statues and Garden Accents

Posted by Flexomeric on 12/23/2014

Sometimes, it’s the little touches that seal the deal when it’s time for your house to change hands: mature oak trees, a backyard swing, a place to barbecue, a Zen garden, a birdbath or a fountain. Even better, garden fixture need not be oversized or over-the-top to provide an accent where one is needed. A well-thought out pathway or a strategically placed bird bath amid the greenery can be all it takes to make your house look and feel homey, a place where the next owner can truly relax in. Below are some garden accents to consider to make your little green space more inviting.

Concrete statues bring gardens to life! Outside of the usual cherubs and Greek gods and goddesses (think Venus de Milo), there is a plethora of choices for what statues to put up in your garden: perhaps a menagerie of ladybugs, snails, frogs and caterpillars, or a company of whimsical gnomes, elves and trolls. Some even go so far as putting up miniature Statue of Liberty, lifelike dragons, and religious icons such as the Virgin Mary or Jesus on the Cross. 

Water Features
Water is a calming element in any garden, and putting up a small concrete basin on a pedestal to serve as birdbath or erecting a multi-tiered fountain for a continuous soothing sound of flowing water can screen out unwelcome sounds in your neighborhood. Water features, however, tend to be high-maintenance as concrete water features absorb water and make them susceptible to cracking when the weather turns freezing. But if you remember to empty the containers of water to prevent frost damage and to deal with minor cracks using injection resins, your water features will see plenty more summers than you might expect.

Stepping Stones
Concrete pavers add another creative touch to your garden as well as provide stable walking surfaces that serve as markers to help define areas of your garden. Stepping stones come in different shapes and sizes, and you can even customize your own by adding imprints or decorative rocks on them while the concrete is still wet. Even better, when the pavers get loose, as what usually happens to concrete walks that take daily beatings, you can make the necessary repairs yourself using concrete resins and get professional-quality results.

In contrast to wooden benches, concrete benches are more durable and would require lesser maintenance if correctly installed in the first place. If you are looking to have a relaxing place to lounge out in the open, concrete benches are all-weather garden features that provide real value for when you need a dose of the outdoors.

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