Tips to Maintain your Driveway

Posted by Ashwin on 5/6/2014

The concrete driveway in your home needs regular maintenance depending upon the local conditions and how often you use it. Typically it would be ideal to give a pressure machine wash once every two months to remove any stubborn stains or discoloration. Here are simple maintenance tips to help preserve your driveway.



With regular use, the driveway is bound to crack up some time due to wear and tear. Ensure that you have your driveway is sealed every 3 years to keep it in good health. It’s better to seek the services of a professional company and try to avoid crews who go door to door looking for jobs. You cannot be sure if they will do a good job.


Remove stains immediately

Avoid changing oil in your car while parked on your driveway. Oil is sure to spill onto the concrete and this could leave behind a permanent stain if left unattended. You can use things like cornmeal, sawdust or kitty litter to remove most stains. You can also use commercial stain removal products that have been specifically designed for concrete surfaces.


Do not use sharp objects

If you live in a place that has regular snowfall, you need to exercise caution while clearing the driveway each morning. Ensure that the shovel doesn’t have sharp metal edges which could otherwise chip away at the concrete surface.


Repair cracks straight away

When the driveway is exposed to extremes in temperature, it is more susceptible to cracking. Snowfall and the eventual thawing of ice can result in the widening of these cracks. Small plants and shrubs are also known to work their way through hairline cracks. As they grow, the roots get stronger which will end up ruining your entire driveway. Get them uprooted as soon as you spot them.


Avoid Deicing

It is recommended to avoid the use of harsh deicing products on your concrete driveway. They do more damage than good and are also known to affect nearby plants. If you find the driveway to be slippery during winter, you can pour dry sand on the icy spots to avoid the possibility of slipping. 


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