Don't let hairline cracks spall out of control

Don't let hairline cracks spall out of control

Posted by Flexomeric on 8/24/2017
Fall is creeping up on us here, and that means that concrete cracks in your foundation wall will get worse due to changes in temperature causing the concrete to expand and contract. Small hairline cracks can quickly become bigger structural issues if not treated properly.

Hairline cracks have always been a problem due to typical repair methods not being able to actually fill the entire length of the crack, only offering a temporarily "band-aid" fix.

Luckily for us, these concrete cracks are usually easy to spot, and nowadays are even easier to fix. Hairline cracks are very thin in width, usually about the width of a hair (hence the name), but can go up to about 1/16".

The problem with hairline cracks is that they often go unnoticed, and like any other concrete crack, can quickly turn into a bigger structural issue if left untreated. The biggest mistake homeowners can make is ignoring these types of cracks or assuming that they are difficult to repair due to their small width. 

With the development of very low viscosity resins, repairing hairline cracks has now become a simple task for anyone to do themselves. For example, our own very low viscosity FLEXTUBE-210 resin was made specifically for hairline cracks, making sure that the entire length of the crack is filled and that a compression seal is formed. 


Bundled with our FLEXKIT-200, this kit allows any homeowner with a standard caulking gun to easily repair hairline cracks around their home. 

Above all, have a great rest of summer!

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