What To Do With Concrete Driveways?

What To Do With Concrete Driveways?

Posted by Flexomeric on 7/13/2018

A concrete driveway is an excellent choice for your home, can last the life it. If your driveway is unkept and not regularly maintained, you will shorten its lifespan. Under some conditions, you may start to see cracks forming, discoloration, and settlement happening. Driveways crack because of various reasons, such as expansion and contraction due to the change in weather cycles, poorly mixed concrete, or an unsuitable subgrade. The good news is that you don't have to spend a fortune to fix some simple cracks in your driveway. You don't need to plan for a resurfacing, just a bit of sealing.

Start by identifying the areas that need to be repaired. Chip away or clean any loose concrete around the working area, and make sure that you have suitable space to work with.

There are lots of different products advertised to do the job, but the right product that is specifically designed for repairing exterior concrete floor cracks in driveways is what you need. Cheaper unflexible products will be a band-aid fix for the moment and will cause further damage down the line. A flexible polyurethane-based resin will withstand new movement and contraction in concrete, making your repair last a long time.

The crack can then be repaired and filled a proper sealer, such as the Flexomeric FLEXKIT-1300, or Flexomeric FLEXKIT-1350. The injection process is straightforward and easy enough for any do-it-yourselfer to complete.

After your injection has been completed and cured, regular activity may resume. The repair will even withstand shifting in the concrete slab caused by the contraction and expansion caused by temperature changes, keeping a strong bond.

The final step is to seal your driveway to help minimize water damage. It is always a good idea to regularly apply a high-quality water sealer.


If you're a waterproofing contractor (or want to add waterproofing to your business) and want to repair exterior concrete floor cracks in all environments or other industrial type settings, take a look at our contractor center to get our products and learn more about becoming a registered Flexomeric Contractor!

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