Floor Crack Repair Kit - Hairline to 3/32" Wide Cracks
FLEXKIT-1350-10 includes all necessary materials to repair up to 10' of concrete floor crack

Floor Crack Repair Kit - Hairline to 3/32" Wide Cracks

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This contractor dual-component FLEXKIT-1350 includes all you need to repair dry, wet, or actively leaking cracks, joints, and various voids in below-grade foundations and concrete structures. It permanently and immediately prevents and stops actively leaking cracks, then quickly expands and cures to form a flexible gasket in the voids. It then creates a compression seal that remains flexible.

FLEX-1350 is a dual component, very low viscosity, fast setting, and high-quality crack repair resin designed explicitly for hairline to 1/16" wide concrete cracks, which can be used with either gravity feed or injection method.

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This kit includes everything you would need to repair a poured concrete foundation crack of approximately:

  • Hairline to 1/16" width crack
  • 10' length and 4" concrete slab

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