Cold Environments, What To Do?

Cold Environments, What To Do?

Posted by Flexomeric on 7/9/2018

Cold environments such as walk-in freezers and refrigerated warehousing pose difficult challenges for repairing concrete cracks. In temperatures less than 0° F (-18°C), most repair materials become unworkable and may take many hours to set and cure.

Most epoxies and polyurethanes are not usable below 32° F (0°C); however, Flexomeric has the product to repair these common concrete floor cracks in temperatures as low as -10°F (-23°C), and with fast back-in-service time. Listed below are some problems and solutions for working in cold environments.

Cold Environment Challenges:

Working Conditions: Working with materials in the cold is challenging to both man and materials. Mixing epoxies or mortars in the cold is especially challenging. As the temperature decreases, the viscosity and flow rate of these materials increase making them harder to mix and much more challenging to work with.

Curing: With most materials, cold environments extend cure times significantly. A product that cures typically in an hour at room temperature may take as much as 12 hours in a cold climate. Some materials may not cure at all before actually freezing solid.

The solution:

Take a look at our FLEX-1200 and FLEXKIT-1200 for your cold environment concrete crack repair.

Used most commonly for cold storage warehouse floors, walk-in freezers, heavy traffic areas, and deeply spalled or damaged concrete surfaces, FLEX-1200 is a high-strength, very low viscosity, fast setting, dual-component polymer that has an added advantage of a back-in-service time of 10 to 15 minutes. FLEX-1200's excellent bonding capabilities, flexibility, and durability can withstand concrete cracking and shifting as the result of thermal cycles.


If you're a waterproofing contractor (or want to add waterproofing to your business) and want to repair concrete floor cracks in cold environments or other industrial type settings, take a look at our contractor center to get our products and learn more about becoming a registered Flexomeric Contractor!


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