Foundation Crack Repair Kit - Hairline to 1/16" Wide Cracks
FLEXKIT-1150-10 includes all necessary materials to repair up to 10' of concrete wall cracks
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Foundation Crack Repair Kit - Hairline to 1/16" Wide Cracks

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This contractor dual-component FLEXKIT-1150 includes all you need to repair dry, wet, or actively leaking cracks, joints, and various voids in below-grade foundations and concrete structures. It sets fast to form a complete seal throughout the entire thickness of a concrete foundation wall which expands 400% to 600% and cures as a flexible, yet robust, closed-cell foam. The seal will withstand concrete cracking and shifting as the result of thermal cycles, due to its excellent bonding capabilities.

FLEX-1150 is a dual component, low viscosity, high-quality crack repair resin designed explicitly for hairline cracks.

More Information

This kit includes everything you would need to repair a poured concrete foundation crack of approximately:

  • Hairline width crack
  • 10' length and 8" thick foundation wall

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A Great DIY Fix

By:  from Calgary, AB, Canada. on 7/2/2020
Overall, very pleased with the kit, and the results ... the foam injection appears to have fixed our wall crack/leak. A couple points of observation that others might find helpful: 1) the kit showed up without any instruction sheet. However, I was able to find the appropriate instruction sheet on the website. 2) A word of caution ... when ‘gluing’ the injection ports to the wall with the A&B expoxy, just use enough to tack/stick the port to the wall. The port bases aren’t very big, and it’s very easy to end up with plugged ports if you put too much epoxy on the base - it oozes into the port once you push it against the wall. Once the ports are tacked into place, you cover the crack and the injection port bases with liberal amounts of epoxy anyway, so it will be properly sealed at that time. I learned this lesson the hard way - I ended up with ~40% of my ports plugged, and had to drill them out with a drill bit that fit inside the port tube. 3) As others have noted, I didn’t have much luck injecting into hairline cracks, but generally if I could get water into the crack - the injected liquid also went in. But since the wall crack no longer leaks, it would appear that the hairline crack wasn’t a problem anyway.
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By:  from Ottawa. on 7/16/2019
Overall I was very satisfied with the product and would recommend to other DIY'ers. I was dealing with a hairline crack and had minimal prior experience with this process. The steps were easy to follow, although not always easy to carry out, which I imagine is very situational. At the top of my crack it was easy to get water to flow in and down, but the lower I went the harder it was. When injecting the resin, I immediately had a clogged nozzle even though I kept the injector tubes angled downwards. The kit came with 2 nozzles and this was enough to get the job done, although it did add some stress to the job. Once done, I tried storing the tube in my basement, but it burst open at some point and spilled out onto the concrete floor, I'm not sure how it happened, but never expected to get multiple uses out of the tube anyways. A couple improvements I would like to see are: - increase in the number of nozzles from 2 to 3 - increase in the number of spigots by 25% - change the epoxy containers to be squirt bottles with graduations on the side of them (similar to wood glue bottles) - better directions and/or a better method of re-sealing the resin tube for future use
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Hairline is a stretch

By:  from Indiana, USA. on 9/22/2019
First off, I do like these products. This solved an issue where cracks were larger than hairline. Where I had truly hairline cracks, I was able to get water to flow through nozzles but I could not get sufficient foam to flow before setting up in the nozzles. Great for cracks larger than 'hairline'. Definitely low expansion foam so for narrow cracks. I used the 1/16 - 5/8 foam as well and that was great for it's intended purpose!
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