DIY FLEXKIT-200X Crack Repair Kit - 1/16" to 1/2" Wide Cracks
DIY FLEXKIT-200X Crack Repair Kit - 1/16' to 1/2' Wide Cracks

DIY FLEXKIT-200X Crack Repair Kit - 1/16" to 1/2" Wide Cracks

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Part Number:FLEXKIT-200X
  • Injection Method:Low Pressure
  • Crack Width:1/16" to 1/2"
  • Crack Length:Up to 8'
Choose Your Ports (Flat, Corner or Drill)
Flat Ports (Used for flat surfaces)
Corner Ports (Used for a 90 degree joint)
Drill Ports (Used instead of flat ports or corner ports)
Injection Port Add-On
Injection Resin Add-On
Adhesives Add-On

Poured Concrete Foundation Wall Crack - 1/16Flexomeric provides highest quality concrete injection resins to repair wet or dry foundation basement cracks using the same professional materials and methods as contractors but user friendly for a Do It Yourselfer.

The fast and easy application is the same for hairline cracks and wide cracks with our Do It Yourself Foundation Crack Repair Kits.

Flexomeric Crack Repair Injection Resins and our Do It Yourself Basement Crack Repair Kit can be injected into an actively leaking or dry foundation wall crack as it chemically reacts with water and bond to concrete to form a water-tight, flexible gasket through the entire wall thickness, eliminating any future leaks, guaranteed.

Flexomeric FLEXKIT-200X Do It Yourself Crack Repair Kit includes all necessary components to repair up to 8' long, 1/16" thick concrete foundation crack in an 8" thick wall. Additional FLEXTUBE-210 resin is available as an add-on for larger size cracks.


Some concrete cracks are uniform in width and others may range being wider at top than the bottom or vice versa. It is important to measure the smallest width of the crack as the injection material needs to be able to penetrate this portion of the crack.

Width of a 1/16

If the smallest width measures less than a 1/16" wide, use the DIY FLEXKIT-200X Crack Repair Kit; otherwise, use the DIY FLEXKIT-100X Crack Repair Kit.

Also, you can use a quarter coin as a guide. A quarter coin is approximately 1/16" thick. So if you try placing the quarter inside the thinnest part of the crack and it fits, use the FLEXKIT-100X. Otherwise, use FLEXKIT-200X.


Quick and Easy Procedure:

  1. Clean area to be repaired from loose concrete, paint, oil, dirt and other debris and make sure that it's dry.
  2. Glue injection ports along the foundation wall crack.
  3. Plug the surface of the basement wall crack with the adhesive to act as a wall barrier.
  4. Allow adhesive to cure completely before continuing the crack injection process (approx. 10 minutes)
  5. Flush foundation wall crack by injecting water into top injection ports, allowing water to drain from the lower ports, ensuring a clear and wet path in the basement wall crack.
  6. Starting from the bottom port, inject Flexomeric Crack Injection Resin until the resin flows out from the next port up.
  7. Cap the current injection port and continue injecting through the next port up.
  8. Once concrete foundation crack is completely filled, allow it to cure (approx. 24 hours) and remove injection ports and sealing cement (adhesive once cured) if you wish.

Detailed instructions included in the kit.


Flexomeric FLEXTUBE-210 Crack Injection Resin Cartridges (300ml) 
1 Flexomeric Crack Adhesive (Part A)
2 Injection Nozzles for Crack Injection Resin Cartridges
2 Pieces of Rubber Tubing
2 Mixing Sticks
1 Pair of Gloves
1 Plastic Trowel for Adhesive
1 Wire Brush
1 Safety Glasses
1 Instruction Sheet


  • Standard, Single-Component Injection Gun
  • Spray Bottle or Squirt Bottle for flushing crack with water
  • Piece of cardboard to use for mixing adhesive Part A with Part B


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Over time, even the hardest of concretes can begin to crack either because of high pressure or because of deterioration from age. Cracks in your concrete walls and foundation can lead to bigger structural integrity issues that can threaten the whole structure. Replacing the concrete can be expensive and time-consuming. Instead, you can use a crack repair kit to help you restore the concrete and provide the support your structure needs. Flexomeric makes some of the best quality resins to repair your concrete and make it strong again. The Flexomeric Do-It-Yourself Crack Repair Kit includes the same materials that professional contractors use. The kit is fast and easy to use, helping you to fix concrete cracks from 1/16" to 1/2" wide. You can even use the kit to repair active leaks since the materials react with water to bond to concrete. Once it dries, it is water tight and strong enough to eliminate future leaks.



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